Pro One Extreme Lubricants

Pro One Extreme Lubricants

Stand Type: Indoor Stand
Stand #: 95

About Pro One Extreme Lubricants

ProOne, Inc. has developed the most advanced technology in lubrication today which dramatically reduces heat and friction and has over 50 times the film strength of conventional lubricants.

  • ProOne’s primary focus is on the oil & gas and industrial markets where its environmentally-friendly line of products takes lubrication to the next level of performance in the most challenging environments.
  • ProOne’s XPL+® Technology has been tested and certified by leading testing laboratories, and proven in real world applications by top Energy, Transportation and Mining industries.
  • Blue chip corporations have found this advanced lubrication technology offers bottom-line savings, helping to reduce wear and extend equipment life, increase productivity, lower energy and fuel consumption, prevent costly downtime and lower maintenance costs while at the same time being earth-friendly.
  • ProOne’s game-changing downhole drilling products have been used in over 700 wells by leading oil & gas operators, proving to reduce torque, solve drilling problems, and save money.

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