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Australian Concrete Mats (ACM) manufacture and supply flexible concrete mats with incredible drainage and stabilisation properties. Quick to install and easy to use. They are effective for erosion control, drainage scours protection, and stabilisation and they create a hard armoured permeable pavement perfect for driveways or hard-to-access sites.

Mats offer erosion protection and prevention that’s great for the environment and suitable for various applications; shorelines, driveways, stormwater inlets and outlets, spillways, drains, hard armouring batters and many more.

ACM are showcasing their innovative flexible concrete mats and Articulated Concrete block mats at DDT23 – a great opportunity for you to see for yourself how concrete mats work and why they are a very cost and time-efficient alternative to rip rap, concrete canvas.

Visit our display at DDT23 or call 02 5629 1223.