Freestyle Kings are back at the show!

We are super excited to have Josh Hannah and the team back in 2020!

Freestyle Kings are the leading Freestyle Motocross Team in the world. Residing in Sydney, Australia. The team is now also based in California, USA and in the Guangdong Province of China.

The team now not only travel all over Australia but also across all of America and China. The team only recently getting back from Jake Paul’s Hollywood mansion in LA performing an FK Show in his front yard for well known rapper “Desiigners” birthday party which had the likes of Chris Brown, The Amigos, Logan Paul and many other hollywood stars attend.

With a worldwide presence performing globally with the best riders in the world and Team rider Pat Bowden winning the World Games for a 2nd year in a row Team FK will be bringing all this traction into the DDT 2020 expo to put on a jaw dropping show across the weekend with some of the world’s best riders.

“We are stoked to be returning to the DDT Expo in 2020. 1. It’s a local show for our team so it’s always great cutting out our busy travel schedule and getting to perform only 30 minutes from where we are based in Australia. 2. We are very involved in the earthmoving industry with family and friends owning businesses in the industry so it’s always great to meet new people and connect. Three the DDT crew are some of our favourite clients, always so easy to work with and they create such an amazing environment and atmosph

ere for everyone including ourselves to enjoy a great weekend.”

Emma from our social team spoke to josh about what they will doing in 2020.

Who from Freestyle Kings will be at the show?

Team owner and rider Josh Hannah will look to attend the weekend at this point in time. Along with Ryan Brown X Games competitor, Pat Bowden the world games champion of 2018 and 2019 and Luke Mcneill who is better known as the stunt man for Vin Diesel and his most recent “XXX” Hollywood film.

What will you be doing at Diesel Dirt & Turf?

We will be having everyone’s Jaw dropping thats for sure. The boys will be bringing the biggest tricks known to the sport in 3x explosive shows per day across the weekend. Along with the show the riders will be available after each performance singing and handing out posters along with chatting to the locals between performances.

What is something special you have planned for the show?

You will have to wait and see !! We can tell you now though the boys spend more time upside down these days then upright.

Something exciting for the 2020 show?

We have 6 months to prepare but we want to go big for the earthmoving industry to say the least so make sure you come on down to the 2020 DDT Expo and check out all the action.

Check them out at the following places